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The Mesothelioma .Org is designed to provide information for the victims of those who suffer from the mesothelioma strain of lung cancer. Also referred to as asbestos cancer, the victims include not only those who have been diagnosed with the rare (roughly 2000 cases a year) disease but the families who may suffer through the healing process as well.

What is mesothelioma? What are the different types of mesothelioma? What about asbestos and am I at risk of contracting the asbestos disease? These questions and more are what we are here to answer. Yes, this is a rare disease but when rock legend Warren Zevon passed away from Mesothelioma back in September of 2003 it helped educate the mainstream media about its seriousness.texas mesothelioma lawyer

Keep in mind that this site is an educational resource only. If you have questions about mesothelioma treatment you should consult your doctor or licenced physician. If you have legal questions mesothelioma lawyers have a knack for tracking asbestos cases given the favorable court rulings in the past - please consult with a mesothelioma attorney.

While we do have areas outlining the medical options available techniques and protocols are always being improved upon so do not rely on this information as being absolutely current. While we do have areas detailing the legal rights of victims we are not legal counsel.

Because of the serious nature of the mesothelioma strain of lung cancer, and the circumstances it is contracted US courts have been know to be sympathetic to sufferers and mesothelioma attorneys have had their clients awarded substantial payouts. Texas mesothelioma lawyers, Houston mesothelioma attorneys and Port Author mesothelioma lawyers are known for being particularly successful. The data below gives a sample of awards by courts in different areas, but does not include any out of court settlements made.

Even more general Asbestos cancer cases have been known to attract such payouts. If the lung cancer lawyer can prove exactly how much the sufferer has lost, in the way of their loss of salary or loss of their own business, this is how such sums can be awarded.

Profit hungry building companies that did not take the necessary precautions against asbestos related cancer have had to be completely liquidated to pay out.

Even big mesothelioma law firms take cases completely no win no fee if the relevant medical proofs are in place, and some lawfirms show an interest when symptoms of mesothelioma are apparent.

Cancer specialist doctors usually are needed for a class action lawsuit even when there is an out of court settlement.

Area Payout at court (USD) Area Payout at court (USD)
Houston 1,350,000 Wyoming 1,230,000
Texas 890,000 Pennsylvania 670,000
Oklahoma city 810,000 Alaska 450,000
Port Arthur 1,455,000 Louisiana 230,000
Dallas 1,250,000 Memphis 120,000
Orange County 875,000 Sacramento 890,000
Beaumont 900,000 Utah 930,000
Southern California 1,100,000 Pennsylvania 1,230,000
Ohio 655,000 Florida 3,500,000
Connecticut 220,000 West Virginia 2,300,000
Georgia 1,500,000 Galveston 1,340,000
Alabama 325,000 Manhattan 450,000
Hawaii 125,000 Nashville 390,000
Atlanta 2,200,000 Maine 570,000
San Diego 970,000 Washington 129,000
Hartford 125,000 Port Charlotte 890,000
Colorado 670,000 Indiana 940,000
Cincinnati 1,250,000 Maryland 740,000
Philadelphia 2,340,000 Hendry County 129,000
New York City 1,970,000 Collier County 158,000
Arkansas 560,000 Minneapolis 198,000
Claction 1,450,000 New Jersey 1,870,000
Tennessee 980,000 West Virginia 1,420,000
Delaware 3,400,00 Galveston 930,000
Los Angeles 1,250,000 Vermont 167,000
Iowa 340,00 Utah 1,450,000
New Hampshire 590,000 Mississippi 398,000
Arizona 345,000 Idaho 1,970,000
Austin 780,000 Overland Park 1,780,000
Denver 1,450,000 North Dakota 98,000
Massachusetts 1,780,000 Minneapolis 560,000
Michigan 740,000 Missouri 890,000
Baltimore 810,000 Detroit 870,000
Illinois 690,000 Kentucky 1,290,000

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